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WAC Lighting Recessed

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About WAC Lighting Recessed

Recessed lighting can provide general, task and ambient lighting in a very subtle manner. Installed in the ceiling with only the trim showing, recessed fixtures can be used anywhere in the home, including outdoors, under eaves and on porches. They are ideal for any type of ceiling, including tall ceilings, shorter ceilings and sloped ceilings.

Add beautiful illumination to any room in your home with the recessed lighting options from Lighting New York. Recessed lighting is a multitasker, providing general, task and ambient lighting in a subtle way. Traditionally used in kitchens, recessed lighting provides extra illumination in living rooms, bedrooms, rec rooms and more, with a soft and gentle glow that you can dim or change color at will. These versatile lights install into a ceiling, deck or under cabinets with only the trim showing, making them an ideal choice for discreet light for any interior or exterior space.


Recessed Lighting Benefits


One of the foremost benefits of recessed lighting is the amount of area this lighting solution can cover. With light heads spaced out across the ceiling or wall in customized configurations, recessed lights illuminate every corner of the room. Shop our collection to find the best options for kitchens, living rooms, closets and open floor plans with a large expanse of ceiling.


Recessed lighting can be installed in tall ceilings, shorter ceilings and even sloped ceilings. There are no hanging components that need extra clearance or that require balance from a flat foundation, so this is one lighting solution that’s perfect for any room in your home.


Recessed Light Styles


While it’s true that recessed light fixtures are far less obvious then pendant lights or chandeliers, the overall look of the fixtures still plays a role in complementing your interior design. Find a variety of finishes in our collection, including matte, metallic, gloss and antiqued options that fit seamlessly with other fixtures in your home.


Choose recessed lighting by the type of bulb the fixture uses to personalize the look and feel of the light in your home. LED bulbs are the most common, although our collection also includes fixtures designed for halogen, incandescent, xenon and fluorescent bulbs.


Versatile Lighting Solutions


Browse the recessed lighting collection at Lighting New York from the comfort of your home and get expert advice from our Lighting Experts by phone, email or live online chat. We’re committed to helping you create beautiful, well-lit spaces you’re proud of, and our wide selection of brands provides endless possibilities to express your home’s personality. All qualifying recessed lighting orders ship free, and our 110% Price Match Guarantee always ensures you’re getting the best value possible. Shop with confidence at Lighting New York.